Marriage Life is it all what its crack up to be or not


Is marriage life what its all cracked to be to me I not sure been with my wife for fourteen years married for four of those before we was married I never had to worry bout being accused of cheating but now that we tied the knot that all I hear “you cheating on me” tryed to tell the women aint nothing changed but she so insecure bout self that she always on defense cant have no women friends and as for her women friends she accuse me of them to so I can’t win for lose so I feel marriage ain’t what its all what its crack up to be can any women comment and tell me ur point of on this situation?

Chicago Bulls Making Comeback


Chicago Bulls are back and better then ever D.Rose is at his peak and they remind me of when Micheal  Jordan was playing my thought is they going all the way 2015 is our year to win that ring they are number 4 and climbing fast they beat the Miami Heats and they a tough team to beat so with that being said they are unstoppable

Police doing all this killing ruled as justified homicide

The police are doing all this killing and are not going to jail for it like the brother that got choke to death and died they ruled that as a justified homicide so no charges were brought against the officer this is not fair because the guy who killed them two officers and post it on Facebook saying and I quote”im go give pigs wing they take one of ours we take two of theres” is in jail with double murder now but just because you have a badge you get to abuse your authority and get no consequences behide the fact. My opinion is that the police are corrupted and getting away with murder and they get mad when people protest bout the sinceless killings by the hand of the police we just doing whats right because the police are wrong but the government as a hole is wrong its time to fight back against corruption by the hand or the law

Chicago’s Murder Rate

Chicago is a great landmark home of some of the most famous people but as of 2003 the murder rate is bad we have more murder happen in Chicago then in iraq the younger generation gave the name chiraq due to the killing that has been occuring now it 2014 and its only getting worser we have to put a stop to the killing were losing our younger generation due to gang violence